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Are You Ready for Valentine's Day?

Valentine Cupid, Man and Woman - Puck Illustration By Nelson Greene Circa Feb 1914

Valentine's Buns -- A Curious Old Valentine's Day Custom at Market Overton, Rutland, England

"On the 14th of February every year (Valentine Day) it has been the custom from time immemorial to give away buns to all the children in the village. Some years ago, buns were given from four different houses, also from two houses in the adjoining village of Barrow, and from one house in the village of Teigh; as the old families have died off, or have left, and new ones came in their places, the number of donors has diminished, until at the present time I am the only one left who keeps up the custom, and when I am gone it will probably die out altogether. The buns are now known as "Valentine Buns," but within my recollection they were called "Plum Shuttles," being of an oval shape, like a weaver's shuttle; and I have heard it said that the custom of giving the buns away has prevailed even since the time when weaving by means of the hand-looms was common in many houses".

Market Overton. Edward Costall.
Leicestershire and Rutland Notes and Queries and Antiquarian Gleaner, G. Redway 1896

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