Top Digital Titles for March 2017

The top 10 digital titles for March 2017 are listed below. Pierre Joseph Redouté Fruit and Flower Illustrations Ernst Haeckel Inspired by Nature Hiroshige Prints (Ando, Ichiyusai, Utagawa) Ehret & Haid London Botanical Illustrations Pierre Antoine Poiteau: 1850 Botanical Prints Art Nouveau Animal Decorative Designs Botanical Illustrations of P.J.F. Turpin's…

The Residence of Prince Homburg circa 1818

[caption id="attachment_9711" align="aligncenter" width="604"] Illustration - The Residence of Prince Homburg circa 1818from Ackermann's Repository'It lies on the German side of the Rhine, 12 leagues from that beautiful river, 14 from Mayence [Mainz], 12 from Wisbaden [Wiesbaden], and 3 from Frankfort [Frankfurt].'[/caption]