A List of Hawaiian Fish Names

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The Fish of Hawai’i: Hawaiian, Common, and Scientific Names. Read on or download the list of Hawaiian fish to find out their local, common, and scientific names. This information comes from which is not affiliated with CTG Publishing. Download the PDF. Although this information is assembled using NOAA publications that are in the public domain, the overall…

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Grape Growing and Wine Making in California in 1859

[Reprinted from California Culturist 1859 “from the manuscript of the Agricultural Society’s Report for 1858” A. Haraszthy. Buena Vista, Sonoma County, February 21st, 1858.] The Early History of the Vine Culture in California. — The grape vine was brought to California by the Catholic priests in the year 1740 or thereabout, and was planted at…

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Types of California Almonds

What is the difference between a Nonpareil almond and a Butte? No worries. The Almond Board of California explains it all in two graphs. Find out more at

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2012 Farm Census USDA Highlights

The USDA released the preliminary results of the 2012 Census of Agriculture. Some interesting figures include a 1% decreased in total farm land while the value of crop production increased by 48% and the value of livestock production increased by 19%. It seems that farmers have learned to increase their production of the last five…

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Grunion Runs for 2014

“The California grunion (Leuresthes tenuis) is a member of the New World silversides family, Atheriniopsidae, along with jacksmelt and topsmelt. Grunion are the object of a unique recreational fishery. These fish are famous for their remarkable spawning behavior, which evokes an “I don’t believe it!” response from people seeing or hearing about it for the…

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Washington State – Culinary AgriTourism Guides

Find out where to go and what to savor with these handy AgriTourism guides created by the Washington State Department of Agriculture. Each region has its own guide but you can also get a quick overview with the state guide. WASHINGTON STATE PDF [15MB] “As a coastal state rich in oyster flats, clam beds and…

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