Coffee Gastronomy

Coffee Gastronomy Book Cover

Coffee Gastronomy Book Cover

Interested in learning about coffee and its use as a culinary ingredient? Read this edition to learn about the history as well as how to select, prepare and use coffee in your daily life. This book includes the following sections:

Legends And History
• The Legend Of The Fruit
• The First Coffee Party
• The First Drink
• The Name
• The First Roast And Grind
• The First Ceremony
• The First Coffee House
• The London Stock Exchange
• The First Coffee Houses
• Transplantation
• The First Coffee Machine

• Naming Conventions And Tree Species
• Geography
• Coffee Processing
• Roasting

• The Grind
• Images Of Coffee Grinders
• Water
• Measuring Coffee Grounds
• Method Of Infusion
• Popular Brewing Methods And Additives

• Traditions
• Decorating
• Tastings
• Pairings
• Geographic Themes
• Folklore

• Making A Culinary Mark With Coffee
• Espresso Drinks
• Sauces, Icings And Dressings
• Special Recipes