Infused Hawaii From Mod Infusion Magazine

“Infused Hawai’i” is all about exploring the creativity found on the islands of Hawai’i. Articles Include:

* Fresh Tea Tempura
* Pinkies Up! At The Fairmont Orchid.
* Tea In Hawai’i
* Uses Of Hawai’i-grown Tea
* Tea Garden Profile: Tea Hawai’i
* Lava Flows
* Volcano Winery: Infusion Wine
* Living At The Crater’s Edge, Volcano, Hawai’i
* Volcanic Soils
* Pele, Goddess Of Fire And Volcanoes
* Staying “At The Crater’s Edge”
* Profile: Sweet Paradise Chocolates
* Kukui Nut (Candlenut)
* Kiawe Tree And Blossoms
* Hawaiian Honey
* Infused Jewels Of Hawai’i
* Kona Coffee Infusions
* Espresso Whipped Sugar Scrub
* Savory And Sweet: Goat Cheeses Of Hawai’i
* Cacao Beans And Pod
* Original Hawaiian Chocolate Roasted Cacao Nib Rub (Recipe)
* Pipeline Porter (Kona Brewery)
* Hawaiian Farmers’ Markets And Festivals
* The Agriculture Of Hawai’i

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