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A Rainy Day in Los Angeles by the Ocean

By Melanie | February 27, 2012

I was by the ocean today taking pictures for an upcoming edition of Photographic Meditations. The sound of wet sand sounds much like wet snow to me. The sound of the waves and the sound of rain drops seem to compliment each other. It was a magical day.

Grunion Runs for 2012

By Melanie | February 15, 2012

Interested in the Grunion runs for 2013? View the 2013 Grunion Run Schedule.

Gifting Tea

By Melanie | February 15, 2012

Gifting Tea with Paper is now published. This publication demonstrates how you can present tea as a gift with origami. These projects can also be applied to gift spices and herbs. All you need is a fillable (empty) tea bag. Each project comes with recommended types of paper and weight along with additional suggested uses.…

Art Nouveau Decorative Designs from delsc

By Melanie | January 25, 2012

This Feb 2012 edition includes three artists with a focus on the more obscure French artists, MP Verneuil and Georges Auriol. Alfons Maria Mucha designs are included and, if you love Mucha, you will love Verneuil and Auriol’s designs. The issue is available on Amazon and through Magcloud. About MP Verneuil (1869 – 1942) “…

The Golden Taste of Southern California from Mod Infusion

By Melanie | January 25, 2012

The February 2012 edition of Mod Infusion is now available. It includes the following articles: *Local Ingredients of Southern California *Southern California County Agricultural Maps *Defining California Gold *The Immortal Tree *Olives and Olive Oil Varieties *Temecula Olive Oil Company *An Olive Oil Tasting: A Gourmet Sensory Experience *Olive Products *Recipe:Pan Con Chocolate (Fran Gage)…


By Melanie | January 15, 2012

In 2011, CTG launched a product called Tealure. This is a true modern tea accessory that could save tea companies millions of dollars when you consider the money spent on cotton strings, glue and staples. Who knows, it might even produce a greener planet. You can purchase the heart tealure at Each tealure is…

Animated Flowers from delsc

By Melanie | January 2, 2012

Fleurs Animees designed by GERARD, JEAN-IGNACE-ISIDORE (best known as JJ Grandville) was one of the most eminent French caricaturists who died at the age 43. The sculptor was Charles Michael Geoffroy who also was a painter (later in life). This work was one of the last for Grandville. Available at Amazon and MagCloud.

About Okakura Kakuzo

By Melanie | January 1, 2012

BORN: 1862/3 DIED: 1913 1911: Master of Arts from Harvard [Museum of Fine Arts (Boston) Bulletin, Vol. 9, No. 52, Aug., 1911] [From the Museum of Fine Arts bulletin, Vol. 11, No. 67, Dec., 1913] OKAKURA-KAKUZO was born at Fukui, the capital of Echizen Province, Japan. His father was a samurai who, feeling a deep…

A Workbook for A Course in Self-worth for Women by Suzan Schmekel

By Melanie | December 13, 2011

A Workbook for A Course in Self-worth for Women by Suzan Schmekel is now avaialble at Amazon. In this course, we have three objectives. *Make us aware of what lowers our self-worth *Increase our self-worth *Present tools and work with them so that we can maintain high levels of esteem after the course Lesson 1…