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Butterfly Images from delsc

By Melanie | December 5, 2011

Discover the butterfly images that brought life to text over 150 years ago. The first in a series that looks at the artists whose work may be in the public domain but who are not very well known to the public. Available at Amazon and MagCloud.

Pine ~ Matsu from Photographic Meditations

By Melanie | November 29, 2011

Pine ~ Matsu: What Do You Pine For? This issue was inspired by the Japanese New Year kadomatsu (gate pine) decoration and the Mexican Weeping Pine — scientific name Pinus patula. Words and photographs to disconnect.

Connections by Suzan Schmekel from ad libitum

By Melanie | October 28, 2011

Connections by Suzan Schmekel is now available at Amazon. This is the story of one woman’s path to self-discovery upon a return as an adult to Paris, the city of her birth. As she struggles to understand the loss of her brother, Jim, and lover, Steven, she discovers the subtle and not-so-subtle connections among family,…

Infused Hawaii From Mod Infusion Magazine

By Melanie | October 18, 2011

“Infused Hawai’i” is all about exploring the creativity found on the islands of Hawai’i. Articles Include: * Fresh Tea Tempura * Pinkies Up! At The Fairmont Orchid. * Tea In Hawai’i * Uses Of Hawai’i-grown Tea * Tea Garden Profile: Tea Hawai’i * Lava Flows * Volcano Winery: Infusion Wine * Living At The Crater’s…

Coffee Gastronomy

By Melanie | August 30, 2011

Interested in learning about coffee and its use as a culinary ingredient? Read this edition to learn about the history as well as how to select, prepare and use coffee in your daily life. This book includes the following sections: Legends And History • The Legend Of The Fruit • The First Coffee Party •…

Black Tea Pudding

By Melanie | July 31, 2011

This pudding recipe will yield about five 3 oz servings. Keep in mind that a typical store-bought pudding is about 3.5 ounces (99 grams). I prefer to serve these in 2.25 ounce shot glasses for a light desert. Serving smaller portions allows you to offer a few varieties of puddings and to accommodate those who…

Mod Infusion August 2011 Edition

By Melanie | July 28, 2011

Mod Infusion Aug 2011 is available! This first edition includes some great recipes. What you will find inside: Read to discover the following infusions… *Tea-encrusted sole adapted from a recipe by John Harney (Harney and Sons Tea) *Hops (it isn’t only for beer) and dried lime tea *The question of caffeine by the Publisher and…

The Wisdom Of Brillat-Savarin from CTG Publishing

By Melanie | July 7, 2011

The Wisdom Of Brillat-Savarin from CTG Publishing is now available at Amazon. :: The Wisdom Of Brillat-Savarin :: Photographs And Quotes About Food, Society And Entertaining In English And In French About Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin Born: April 1, 1755 – Belley (Ain, France) Died: February 2, 1826 – Paris (France) The Professor had a long…

The Cup of Humanity from CTG Publishing

By Melanie | June 16, 2011

The Cup of Humanity is now available at Amazon. The Cup of Humanity :: Okakura Kakuzo :: His Philosophies About Tea And Life In Quotes Includes Ikebana And Other Illustrations