Paris Fashion Houses

Paris Fashion Houses CTG Publishing has just released a new publication Paris Fashion Houses. You can buy this publication from Amazon.

Step back in time and discover the fashions worn by the leading actresses and women of society between 1910 and 1925. During this era, Paris hosted the 1924 Olympics, the world experienced World War I and much freer, looser styles were in vogue. During this time, cars were also in vogue with US car registrations increasing from 458 thousand in 1910 to 17+ million by 1925. Enjoy discovering this era!

The publication included some of these notable fashion houses:

  • Beer
  • Bernard
  • Callot Soeurs
  • Cheruit
  • Doeuillet
  • Doucet
  • Drecoll
  • Jeanne Lanvin
  • Jenny
  • Martial et Armand
  • Paquin [biography]
  • Paul Poiret
  • Premet
  • Redfern
  • Worth