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Streets of London – Southwark Bridge circa 1812

“The situation of this bridge is about midway between those of London and Blackfriars, stretching over that part of the river which the most fortunate occurring circumstances seem to have destined for the purpose, the stream at that spot being one third narrower than at Blackfriars — an evident advantage as to the expense of…

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Streets of London – New Bridge-Street, Blackfriars circa 1812

“The annexed engraving represents one of the most interesting situations in the city of London from a drawing by the eminent artist in water-colour painting, Mr. Frederick Nash. […] The most prominent object in the view, is the house of the Albion Fire and Life Assurance Company, forming the north-east corner of New Bridge-street, and…

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Streets of London – Soho Square, London 1812

“Soho-Square, though not equal for extent and beauty of the area to many of the squares which adorn the west end of the British capital, may, however, vie with most in regard to the regularity of the buildings by which it is surrounded. [..] Soho-Square will be further interesting to the scholar and the philosopher,…

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