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:: The Wisdom Of Brillat-Savarin ::
Photographs And Quotes About Food, Society And Entertaining In English And In French
About Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin Born: April 1, 1755 – Belley (Ain, France) Died: February 2, 1826 – Paris (France) The Professor had a long career in law and escaped to the United States during the revolution. Although a bachelor during his lifetime, he was very much enchanted by women and the beauty they brought to his life. He was once overlooked at a dinner party by a woman and stated that the omission was still hurtful at the writing of his final work from which the following quotes are taken. The Professor has inspired many things. In modern times, a cheese and a donut shaped cake are named after him. He took the science of noursihment seriously and wished to inspire us to think about how we eat and how we entertain.

The Wisdom of Brillat-Savarin