Edward Bliss Reed

This professor and author is part of the upcoming edition of Photographic Meditations. Since little information on him seemed readily available, I’ve posted the below biographical information. It is just nice to know who wrote the words that may have inspired a thought or feeling at their reading.

Born August 19, 1872, in Lansingburgh, N.Y.
Died February 15, 1940, in Springfield, Mass.

Edward Bliss Reed was a professor at Yale University. You will find an excerpt from the biographical notes obtained from the Yale University website. The source of this information is apparently from an obituary notice.

Registered Yale Graduate School 1894-1897 (Ph.D. 1896); studied in Paris and Munich on McLaughlin Fellowship
1896-1897; tutor in English, Yale University, 1897-1900, instructor 1900-1902, assistant professor 1902-1926, and
associate professor 1926-1929; lecturer in music (associate professor rank) since 1932; director division of education
The Commonwealth Fund 1927 until January 1, 1940, when he became director emeritus; had been closely identified
with Yale-in-China since its foundation (executive secretary 1902-1909, member council 1909-1910, trustee 1910-1930,
honorary trustee 1930-1940, and president 1928-1932); for twenty-six years did research on old Christmas carols, searching for, translating, and publishing eight new ones each year, and was responsible for the revival of many songs of medieval Europe; since 1913 had arranged the annual Phi Beta Kappa Christmas concerts held in Battell Chapel; secretary New Haven Carol Society 1923-1940, and, with David Stanley Smith (’00), editor of its Publications.


  • English Lyrical Poetry from its Origins to the Present Time (1912)
  • Lyra Yalensis (1913)
  • Sea Moods, and Other Poems (1917)
  • Seven Hundred French Terms for American Field Artillerymen (1917)
  • Lyra Levis (1922)
  • Editor: Selections from the Poetry of Alexander Pope (1901)
  • Editor: Selections from the Works of Joseph Addison (1906)
  • The Poems of Thomas, Third Lord Fairfax (1909)
  • Shakespeare’s Sonnets (1923)
  • Songs from the British Drama (1925)
  • Christmas Carols Printed in the Sixteenth Century (1932)
  • The Commonwealth Fund Fellows and Their Impressions of America (1932)
  • Assistant Editor: Yale Review, 1911-1928
  • Translator: Drill Regulations for the 75 mm. Gun (1917)

Married June 17, 1905, in Sparkill, N.Y., Elizabeth Burd Thompson (B.A. Vassar 1903), daughter of William Reed and Mary (Thaw) Thompson (B.A. Vassar 1877).

Children: Elizabeth Burd (B.A. Vassar 1927), the wife of Borden Helmer (Dartmouth 1921); William Thompson (of the Yale Class of 1933; died September 1929); Mary Bliss (B.A. Vassar 1935), the wife of David Crocker (B.A. Harvard 1933, M.B.A. 1935; M.D. Yale 1940); and Anne Parmelee (Vassar 1943).
Death due to coronary thrombosis. Ashes interred in Grove Street Cemetery, New Haven.