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Building the Manhattan Bridge

Building the Manhattan Bridge from Cassier's 1912

[Reprinted from Cassier’s Magazine 1912. Article by Howard R. Commings] ONE of the most important among the vast number of great engineering structures recently built in New York City is the Manhattan Bridge. This crosses the East River about a quarter of a mile above the Brooklyn Bridge, and serves as another link to connect…

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Aerial Monoflier – The Future of Rapid Transit

“The Aerial Monoflier of Tomorrow—Equipt with Wings, Like an Airplane, It Will Skim Along Thru the Air. Guided by the Monorail. The Cars Are Propelled by Motor-Driven Propellers. Which Derive Their Power from Third Rails, as the Car Glides Along at Speeds of 200 to 300 Miles Per Hour. When in Motion the Entire Weight…

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