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Jeanne Paquin Portrait and Biography – Page 3

You will conjure up a vision of sheets of paper, a busy pencil, puckered brows, disordered hair, much burning of the midnight oil. You will be wrong. It is not in this way that Mme Paquin contrives her triumphs. She does not first sketch out the dress and then make it up, but makes it…

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Jeanne Paquin Portrait and Biography – Page 2

With the glee of children, they established themselves in a flat scarcely bigger than the drawing-room, filled with rich objets d’art, in Mme Paquin’s own residence to-day. In a few years the single flat became twenty, and workrooms, filled with gay little midinettes, laughing and chattering like birds, thrust a none the less sedate facade…

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Jeanne Paquin Portrait and Biography

JEANNE PAQUIN BORN: 1869 DIED: 1936 HUSBAND: Isidore Paquin (born Isidore Jacob m. 1891 d. 1907/1908) BUSINESS: Maison Paquin created in 1890/1891 [the below is republished from Makers of new France by Charles Dawbarn. Published 1915 by Milld & Boon, limited in London] Madame Paquin, with her fresh complexion, black patch, and lock of grey…

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