Thes de la Pagode Earl Grey Green Tea Blend

For this cup of tea, I removed the tea from the tea bag and placed it in the lid of the tasting cup. I wanted to smell the tea and see the details of the cornflowers in this Earl Grey tea blend. Many of the French tea companies that I like have this kind of detail. You can see many of the ingredients in fine detail. 

When prepared, the taste and smell of the green tea and bergamot do not overwhelm each other which is my concern with flavored green teas. There is a bit of a bitter taste to the tea but it is typical of green teas. 

About Thes de la Pagode

Thes de la Pagode is a French tea company by the region of Rennes. The name translates to teas of the pagoda. The company produces a variety of herbal and caffeinated teas. They also sell other items such as tea wares.


Earl Green Green Tea Blend Tea Flavors

Tea ingredients:

  • Organic Chun Mee green tea
  • Bergamot
  • Cornflower petals


The price can range. I, unfortunately, can not remember how much I spent on the variety pack. This tea can be purchased separately at 7.90 EUR for 20 tea bags. It is also sold in variety packs such as the Imperial China Discovery Box at 19.00 EUR and the Discovery Box at 16.90 EUR.

Number of Infusions

I would suggest 1 to 2.

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