Thes de la Pagode Gunpowder Green Tea

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This is one of my favorite teas from this company. It has a wonderfully mild and roasted flavor that reminds me of the roasted twig teas of Japan.  

Since it only contains gunpowder tea that hails from the Zhejiang province of China, the taste is not complex at all. This tea, like twig teas, would be lovely served cold. 

Although also a mild tea, the gunpowder mint tea is entirely different from this tea and was not a favorite of mine. It it essentially a Moroccan mint tea.

About Thes de la Pagode

Thes de la Pagode is a French tea company by the region of Rennes. The name translates to teas of the pagoda. The company produces a variety of herbal and caffeinated teas. They also sell other items such as tea wares.


Gunpowder Green Tea Flavor

Tea ingredients:

  • Gunpowder tea


The price can range. I bought the 100g tea tin for 12.99 USD. You can purchase the 100g tea tin from the company for 14.65 EUR and a 100g loose leaf bag for 6.85 EUR.

Number of Infusions

I would suggest 1 to 2.

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