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Washington Roebling Biography — Builder of the Brooklyn Bridge

Washington Roebling Portrait - Builder of the Brooklyn Bridge circa 1902

[Republished from Cassier’s Magazine 1902]. AS an engineer Colonel Roebling’s first work was in assisting his father, the late John A. Roebling, to build the Allegheny Suspension Bridge. This was shortly after graduation from the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, at Troy, N. Y., in 1857. Since that time international fame has been his as builder of…

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Bleriot Company Advertising – Aircraft Prices 1910

Bleriot monoplane aircraft prices rose sharply between 1909 and 1910. The price of an airplane was 10,000 French francs in 1909, then rose to 12,000 that same year to then over 24,000 French francs in 1910. By taking the exchanged rate published in 1900 by Hachette of 5 French francs to 1 US Dollar and…

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The Design of the Bleriot Monoplane

[An Impression Of The Bleriot Monoplane By A. B. Rigby Republished from Cassier’s Magazine November 1909] The first impression made on the majority of those who availed themselves of the op- portunity given for a close inspection of the Bleriot monoplane is that the machine looks extremely small. And herein lies its attractiveness. On investigation,…

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The Apprenticeship System In America

With all the buzz about STEM programs, I thought it would be great to republish this article about apprenticeship which has fallen from education as I know it. [the following article is republished from Cassier’s Magazine November 1906 under the original title “The Apprenticeship System in America: Its Relation to Trade Schools and the Influence…

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