Thes de la Pagode Marigold and Dragon Fruit Green Tea

Thes de la Pagode Edition Prestige Dragon Fruit and Marigold Green Tea Full Leaf Image 000

This dragon fruit and marigold green tea is from Thes de la Pagode, a French tea company. Since I had the tea bag and loose tea, I decided to try them both side-by-side. Illustrated above are both which you can see in the second picture that the one on the right is a full leaf tea whereas the one on the left has some tea dust. You will see that tea dust in the brewed cup.

As the tea brews, you can see the cup on the right-hand side, the full leaf tea occupies more of the cup since the whole leaves are expanding while the broken tea leaves and dust will take up less room. There are also more bubbles forming at the top of the full leaf tea which is a natural chemical reaction. 

The tea leaves themselves looked about the same when placed in the tasting lid. The brew, however, shows a difference in sediments from the tea with the tea bag showing more than the loose leaf tea in the third image. 

With this tea, the marigold petals are easily seen both before and after brewing. This is something that I love in tea companies, the ability to see the ingredients as much as possible. As expected, the smell of the dry tea was a mix of floral and fruit.

When prepared, the taste and smell of the green tea was medicinal or, said another way, a bit bitter. It overwhelmed the flavor and was more pronounced in loose leaf tea. 

That being said, not all green tea is bitter which you will see with another green tea from this company, their Gunpowder Green Tea.

About Thes de la Pagode

Thes de la Pagode is a French tea company by the region of Rennes. The name translates to teas of the pagoda. The company produces a variety of herbal and caffeinated teas. They also sell other items such as tea wares.


Dragon Fruit Green Tea Blend Flavors

Tea ingredients:

  • Sencha green tea
  • Organic Chun Mee green tea
  • Extract of dragon fruit
  • Marigold petals


The price can range. I bought the 100g tea tin for 12.99 USD. You can purchase the 100g tea tin from the company for 14.30 EUR or in a 100g bag for 7.80 EUR.

Number of Infusions

I would suggest 1 to 2.

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